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Accelerate business results and deliver the experiences your customers expect by tapping into four decades of deep industry experience and leadership. Put our expertise to work for your business by optimizing business processes, integrating siloed business functions, and implementing a digital-first strategy.

Optimize both business efficiencies and results with our advanced business consulting and solution design services.

Gain and retain more customers by delivering intelligent, connected, and consistent experiences.

Add, expand, or optimize functional capabilities by integrating back-office services like IT, HR, Finance, and Accounting.

Keep company and customer data protected with end-to-end security practices, policies, and protocols.

Teleperformance named a leader for CXM service providers in EMEA 2021

Teleperformance is a leader in Everest Group’s EMEA CXM PEAK Matrix® due to its demonstration of deep delivery capabilities across the entire EMEA region through more than 98,000 employees, catering to clients across over 80 regional and multilingual hubs.


Deliver the right experiences on the right channels

Real results

Samsung: An effective formula for continuous CX success

To handle volume increases and provide 24-hour support after staffing hours, Samsung has created Sam the chatbot. Working with experienced Teleperformance conversation designers, they’ve outlined responses to common questions and have implemented machine learning for continuous improvement.

Decades of deep industry experience have fueled our ability to make the customer journey simpler, faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

Intelligent, automated workflows track customer interactions to ensure consistent and effective issue resolution.

Rapidly scale capacity up or down across channels to meet changing business demands or seasonal spikes.

Automate interactions, empower live agents, and uncover actionable business insights with intelligent, digitally-powered tools.

Teleperformance CX Lab

Channels: What Consumers Want Versus What They Get

The message from consumers in the annual Teleperformance CX Lab Survey is clear — give them what they want and they will reward you. By offering customers the channels they now prefer, there is an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

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