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Analytics Solutions

Analysis into actions

We offer a new perspective on how to drive customer experience by combining the expertise of research and analytics with global leadership in operational excellence.

By bringing together technology, advanced statistics and customer interactions, we transform data into opportunities. Our smart and tailored solutions predict customer behavior and define the best strategy for your company. We can help you to design, shape, measure and improve the overall experience delivered to your customers. 

Our Solutions

To add value for our clients, we offer advanced analytics as a service.

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InTouch is a tailored, in-depth analysis of the factors that impact customer satisfaction to prioritize efforts and improve business results. 

Our solution has the ability to predict and measure the effect of changing factors on the customer experience. Explore the possibilities to understand, analyze and improve the customer journey.

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A sophisticated forecasting solution that combines historic internal and external data to forecast inbound calls.

It allows you to simulate different business scenarios in order to reduce inefficiencies and improve customer experience. 

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A predictive solution integrated with the customer service to improve the experience delivered through a better understanding of your customers.

OnTarget calculates the propensity by customer to a target behavior - allowing programs to proactively act anticipating customers needs.